Checklist of the Marine Invertebrates of the Hawaiian Islands

L.G. Eldredge and R.C. DeFelice
Hawaii Biological Survey, Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii

This compilation was initiated in the mid-1960s as a 3x5 card file in an attempt to keep track of the marine biota of the Hawaiian Islands. The information has been used, in part, to assemble the "How many species are there in Hawaii?" series which appears in the Records of the Hawaii Biological Survey annually and the "Reef and Shore Fauna" series. Periodicals, books, and reports beginning as early as the late 1700s have been reviewed, as has been Zoological Record.

The Invertebrate Checklist can be viewed in a static outline form arranged in phylogenic order grouped by major taxonomic level, or it can be searched by phylum, class, order, family, species or bigeographic status (i.e., native or introduced).  In search mode, the literature references which report the species in the Hawaiian Islands are listed.  References are not shown in the outline view. Follow the "outline" link to view a summary table of major invertebrate taxa found in the Hawaiian Islands. 

The list is still considered to be preliminary, and comments and suggestions for additions and revisions are encouraged. The Checklist will be updated periodically. Special thanks go the Charles H. and Margaret B. Edmondson Trust for partial support to develop this website. Please contact L. G. Eldredge  [] with your comments.

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Phylum Echinodermata
SubPhylum Eleutherozoa
Class Ophiuroidea
Order Phyrynophiurida
    Family Asteroschematidae
         Asteroschema Oersted and Luetken, 1856
              Asteroschema ajax Clark, 1949
             Asteroschema caudatum (Lyman, 1879)

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