Annotated Checklist of Cultivated Plants of Hawai‘i
Clyde T. Imada, George W. Staples, and Derral R. Herbst


Major financial support for A Tropical Garden Flora was received from the Atherton Family Foundation, the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust, and a broad base of community support in the Islands. During the latter stages of checklist compilation and name verification, funding was received from the John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation (to Hawaii Biological Survey) and the US National Park Service. Completion of the checklist was funded by the Elizabeth Loy McCandless Marks Endowment, Bishop Museum.

Colleagues in Bishop Museum, current and former, who helped make this checklist possible include A. Allison, K. Anderson, W. Appleby, H. Clay, N. Evenhuis, J. Fisher, K. Kami, J. Lau, J. Medler, S. Miller, T. Mackenzie, F. Norris, P. O’Connor, R. Pyle, C. White, and R. Yee.

Colleagues in the botanical gardens and arboreta of Hawai‘i who made collection inventory information and/or voucher specimens available include: Honolulu Botanical Gardens (Z. Ellshoff, C. Mayeda, S. Medbury, S. Mitamura, J. Sand, W. Singeo, R. Tajima, P. Weissich, N. Wong); Harold L. Lyon Arboretum (R. Baker, R. Cooray, B. Hirano, C. Lamoureux, K. Nagata, Y. Sagawa, K. Shigematsu); National Tropical Botanical Garden (B. Barkevitch, M. Chapin, T. Flynn, L. Hume, D. Lorence, D. Ragone); and the Waimea Arboretum (S. Gerum Black, B. Garnett, D. Orr, E. Purple, K. Woolliams). Likewise we received information, specimens, and/or funding support for this checklist from Alexander’s Nursery, H. Eunice Nursery, Frankie’s Nursery, Hawaii Association of Nurserymen, Hawaiian Botanical Society, E. Horikawa, A. Kadowaki, Leilani Nursery, Marugame Nursery, J. and C. McCall, Charles Nii Nursery, S. Nii Nursery, Oahu Nursery Growers Association, Oka Nursery and Landscaping, B. Suenaga, University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service (N. Bezona, R. Criley, S. Fukuda, E. Mersino, F. Rauch, D. Sato, M. Takemoto, M. Wong) , and the Waimea Arboretum Foundation.

Finally, the taxonomic specialists who gave unstintingly of their time and expertise are thanked warmly for their contributions to the scientific foundation of this checklist.

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