La'au Hawai'i: Traditional Hawaiian Uses of Plants

La'au Hawai'i: Traditional Hawaiian Uses of Plants
Isabella Aiona Abbott
Price: $22.95
Date of Publication: 1992
Size: 9 x 12
Pages: 176
Binding: paper


The renaissance of Hawaiian culture has revived many traditional arts, including hula, music, lei, and herbal medicine. In one way or another, all of these arts are intimately related to plant life, and their resurgence has called attention to the vital link between the flora and culture of Hawai'i.

Intended for a general audience, LA'AU HAWAI'I provides the first comprehensive description of Hawaiian plant use. It shows how Hawaiians cultivated and used plants for food, clothing, shelter, transport, and tools, as well as religion and recreation. For easy reference, an index lists each plant, its propagation and its principal use; numerous photographs illustrate both plants and crafts.

Although her story is mainly of the past, Abbott looks forward as well, arguing that current efforts to revive Hawaiian culture depend heavily on protection of traditional plants and perpetuation of ancient knowledge about their cultivation and use. LA'AU HAWAI'I is a detailed illustration of the inextricable connection between the tools, crafts, and artforms of that culture and the natural environment on which they are based. Contact Shop Pacifica for purchase.

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