Odynerus radula (Fabricius, 1787) Search

Higher Taxonomy:
 Kingdom: ANIMALIA
   Class: INSECTA
     Family: VESPIDAE
Original Description:
Current Status: Unverified
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Group Island Locality
Waimea Mts.
K'mano [Kaholuamanu?]
Kilauea, Koloko
Koholuamano [Kaholuamanu?]
Kona District
Waimea, near coast
Waialae Falls, near
Summit Camp
K'mano [Kaholuamano?]
Makaweli, Kikapua
Molokoa, Lihue
Waimea, Lihue
Hawaiian Islands
Hawaiian IslandsHawaiiHawaiian Islands
Hawaiian IslandsKauaiKauai
Hawaiian IslandsKauaiKealia
Hawaiian IslandsKauaiOlokele Canyon
Hawaiian IslandsKauaiPuu Ka Pele
Hawaiian IslandsKauaiLihue
Hawaiian IslandsKauaiKilohana
Hawaiian IslandsKauaiKumuwela
Hawaiian IslandsMauiMaui
Hawaiian IslandsOahuWaimea
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