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ID# Locality Collector Date
BISH 22911: n.d.
BISH 653757Kauai: Koloa District: Kalaheo, yard of house on Waha Rd just E of Papalina Rd (Kloss residence, dome house)D.H.Lorence5.viii.1997
BISH 27991Maui: KulaHerbst, D.R.14.xii.1967
BISH 22909Oahu: Degener, O.1932?
BISH 22906Oahu: E.K.Yoshinaga22.xii.1929
BISH 22910Oahu: Degener, O.3.xii.1927
BISH 22913Oahu: Degener, O.3.xii.1927
BISH 22912Oahu: A.Faurieiv.1909
BISH 22908Oahu: Degener, O.17.viii.1922
BISH 22907Oahu: Degener, O.vi.1929
BISH 443089Oahu: (elevl = 30 ft) Colonial Hotel, HonoluluM.L.Grant18.vii.1934
BISH 446923Oahu: (elevl = 500 ft) Nuuanu ValleyD.W.Garber15.ii.1921
BISH 443090Oahu: Honolulu, Nehoa & Makiki StsP.Weberv.1945
BISH 22905Oahu: Honolulu, Waikiki, Kapiolani ParkR.Inafuku2.xi.1930
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