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ID# Locality Collector Date
VZ 162171: 1 mi W of NW coastD Hu01 Jun 1986
VZ 178890: Cenchrus plot #30, (about 70m NE of USFWS camp)C Newton14 Jun 1992
VZ 178598: Cenchrus plot 5, SW near guano hardpanA K Kepler01 Apr 1992
VZ 178597: E beach (near)A K Kepler29 Mar 1992
VZ 178404: exact locality unknownA C Ziegler14 Jun 1990
VZ 178332: exact locality unknownA C Ziegler14 Jun 1990
VZ-BBM-X 145505: Honolulu, (2565 Kaneloa Road)F Henshaw24 Jan 1963
VZ-BBM 3120: Laysan Island
VZ 160606: Laysan Island--
VZ-BBM 610: Laysan Island??? ??? ????
VZ-BBM 3124: Laysan Island
VZ-BBM 6518: Midway Atoll
VZ-BBM 6519: Midway Atoll
VZ-BBM-X 147039: Midway Atoll--
VZ-BBM-X 146236: Pearl and Hermes Atoll--
VZ-BBM-X 146237: Pearl and Hermes Atoll--
VZ 178496: Sand Island, by BOQ Charlie?04 Dec 1991
VZ 179017: Sand Island, Cannon RoadC L Summer04 Feb 1993
VZ 179790: Sand Island, E of - behind - bowling alleyS A Richardson06 Dec 1993
VZ 179018: Sand Island, N.A.F. hangarD Williamson27 Mar 1992
VZ 179019: Sand Island, near BOQ-CN Seto24 May 1993
VZ 178499: Sand Island, near hangar?07 Jan 1992
VZ 178498: Sand Island, north of hangar?06 Jan 1992
VZ 183584: Sand Island, on pavement next to hangarD Williamson29 Jan 1992
VZ-BBM-X 146235: Southeast IslandE Kridler14 Dec 1970
VZ 178582: Tern Island, runwayJ L Megyesi15 Feb 1992
VZ 161150: Upper Togcha River valley, [1.5 km N Talofofo]J Kauffman & Vincent08 Jan 1984
VZ-BBM 785Kauai: no exact localityH C Palmer22 Jun 1891
VZ 178738Kauai: no exact locality?--
VZ 178891Kauai: no exact localityR Schauffler *17 Dec 1992*
VZ 178113Kauai: no exact locality?__
VZ-BBM 4810Kauai: no exact localityA Wetmore15 Apr 1923
VZ 178501Kauai: no exact locality?--
VZ-BBM 2948Kauai: no exact localityW A Bryan10 Apr 1903
VZ-BBM 4808Kauai: no exact localityA Wetmore15 Apr 1923
VZ-BBM 612Kauai: no exact locality??? Sep 1895
VZ-BBM 2947Kauai: no exact localityW A Bryan27 Apr 1903
VZ 161151Kauai: no exact locality?--
VZ-BBM 2950Kauai: no exact localityW A Bryan10 Apr 1903
VZ-BBM 2949Kauai: no exact localityW A Bryan10 Apr 1903
VZ 178112Kauai: no exact locality?04 May 1980
VZ-BBM 7044Kauai: no exact localityG C Munro06 Jul 1891*
VZ-BBM 2956Kauai: no exact localityW A Bryan10 Apr 1903
VZ 178500Kauai: no exact locality?--
VZ-BBM 784Kauai: no exact localityH C Palmer19 Jun 1891
VZ 178111Kauai: no exact locality?__
VZ-BBM 2955Kauai: no exact localityW A Bryan10 Apr 1903
VZ 161991Kauai: no exact localityM Naughton11 Jun 1984
VZ-BBM 786Kauai: no exact localityH C Palmer19 Jun 1891
VZ 184439Oahu: Sand Island"grounds crew"05 Jan 2002
VZ 159285Oahu: Sand IslandP B Pyle11 Oct 1982
VZ 178497Oahu: Sand Island?01 Jan 1992
VZ 179789Oahu: Sand IslandN Seto23 Feb 1993
VZ 184438Oahu: Sand IslandM Church, USFWS09 Feb 2002
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