This is a temporary web page to host daily reports and links to related videos and images associated with the Febrary-March 2011 CRES dive project on Maui. There had not originally been a plan to maintain a daily log from this expedition, but two factors have led to its hasty creation:

  1. The original images and video from Day 1 of the project were extremely popular; and
  2. Our dives have been going so smoothly, that we have unexpected free time in the evenings to assemble the reports, images, and videos

This URL will be replaced with a more permanent (and more elegantly formatted) website in the near future, at which time this URL will be retired and set-up to automatically redirect to the permanent site. For the short term, please check back to this website daily to see updates and links from the project.

Apologies for the delay in getting these daily reports uploaded. The main problem has been getting the video highlights uploaded to YouTube. The problem doesn't seem to be YouTube, but rather the computer just seems to lock up before the upload is complete (very frustrating when this happens 15 minutes before the end of a 10-hour upload!) We seem to have the problem sorted out, so we should be able to keep current for the rest of the project (specieal thanks to Dave Pence, who helped upload video clips in parallel from his laptop, as well as mine).

Unless otherwise indicated, reports are from the perspective of Richard Pyle.

Note: The videos have been uploaded to YouTube in Hi-Definition, so be sure to change the default setting of 360p on Youtube to 1080p, to see the clean video images of these dives.

Project Day 1: 27 February 2011

Project Day 2: 28 February 2011

Project Day 3: 1 March 2011

Project Day 4: 2 March 2011

Project Day 5: 3 March 2011

Project Day 6: 4 March 2011

Project Day 7: 5 March 2011

Project Day 8: 6 March 2011

Project Day 9: 7 March 2011

Project Day 10: 8 March 2011

Project Day 11: 9 March 2011